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'Career Compass is a phenomenal opportunity for our Sixth Form students to gain experience in the professional working environment. As students from less advantaged backgrounds, they showed great attentiveness and enthusiasm during the assembly as they were aware of the potential barriers they may face in gaining substantial work experience in the future. In addition, students were delighted to find that not only did they have the opportunity to experience work in the real world, but that they would be compensated for doing so! This gave them a greater sense of motivation and desire to participate in the scheme. We appreciate this fantastic opportunity to help the young people raise their aspirations, inspirations and ambitions in preparing for their future careers.’

Joyce, Head of Y12/13


'I have found Career Compass to be a very valuable program for students at LAET. As a school we are keen on increasing opportunities for our students that develop their employability skills whilst offering them valuable experience. Career Compass also helps us achieve various aspects of the GATSBY benchmarks particularly 5 (encounters with employers and employees) and 6 (encounters with the workplace) whilst providing substantial financial remuneration over the one week period.'

Obi, Careers Lead


'A competition leaflet arrived and our students decided that it would be fun to enter and just have a go at Career Compass with a cash prize and a prestigious placement on offer. Researching locations with the most sunlight was interesting and surprising for our students, especially as some were not aware of the vast amounts of power raised using solo panels. Working with The Property Prize was great, not only did one of our students win, the Year 12 students received an engaging assembly on the world of work and how they could apply for bespoke work experience which is so hard to come by. This assembly encouraged more students to apply for the next round of the Property Prize, so thank you and we are looking forward to your next visit.'

Shirley, 6th Form Achievement Team Leader 


'Working with Career Compass has been excellent. The enthusiasm exhibited by the sixth form in the assembly and the weeks afterwards, clearly illustrates a well thought out programme. It is an insightful opportunity for the students to engage in a process that lets them explore their innovation; during the application task, as well as the conclusion of an authentic work experience opportunity.'

Chris, Head of Y12


'Our students have really benefited from their involvement in Career Compass this year. The competition encourages them to think creatively and develop their ideas for a purpose and the work placements offered the winners memorable and exciting opportunities to grow and build their confidence. It has also motivated them to think longer-term, cultivate employability skills and begin preparing for life outside  the school gates. I would definitely recommend all schools to get involved.'

Ed, Director of Sixth Form


'Working with Career Compass was great. 200 of our students got an engaging assembly building up their knowledge of the working world. They also got the opportunity to apply for bespoke work experience, which is so hard to come by.'

Martin, Deputy Director of Sixth Form

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